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      思科(CISCO)Catalyst 9800-L無線控制器

      思科(CISCO)Catalyst 9800-L無線控制器

      • 思科
      • Catalyst 9800-L
      • 無線控制器
      • CISCO

      The Cisco  Catalyst 9800-L is a fixed wireless controller with seamless software updates for small and midsize enterprises.Built from the ground up for intent-based networking, the Cisco Catalyst 9800-L brings together Cisco IOS XE Software and Cisco RF excellence to create a best-in-class wireless experience for your evolving and growing organization.

      Catalyst 9800-L無線控制器

      The Cisco Catalyst 9800-L is feature rich and enterprise ready to power your business-critical operations and transform end-user experiences:
      ● Choose between copper and fiber uplinks. This choice gives you flexibility in your network. 
      ● High availability and seamless software updates, enabled by hot and cold patching, keep your clients and services always on in planned and unplanned events.
      ● Secure the air, devices, and users with the Cisco Catalyst 9800-L. The wireless infrastructure becomes the strongest first line of defense, with Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) and Software-Defined Access(SD-Access). The controller comes with built-in security: Secure Boot, runtime defenses, image signing, 
      integrity verification, and hardware authenticity.
      ● Built on a modular operating system, the controller features open and programmable APIs that enable automation of day-0 to day-Nnetwork operations. Model-driven streaming telemetry provides deep insights into your network and client health.

       ● Cisco User Defined Network, a feature available in Cisco DNA Center, allows IT to give end users control of their very own wireless network partition on a shared network. End users can then remotely and securely deploy their devices on this network. Perfect for university dormitories or extended hospital stays, Cisco User Defined Network grants both device security and control, allowing each user to choose who can connect to their network. (Available second half of calendar year 2020.)
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      ● The Wi-Fi 6 readiness dashboard is a new dashboard in the Assurance menu of Cisco DNA Center. It will look through the inventory of all devices on the network and verify device, software, and client compatibility with the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. After upgrading, advanced wireless analytics will indicate performance and capacity gains as a result of the Wi-Fi 6 deployment. This is an incredible tool that will help your team define where and how the wireless network should be upgraded. It will also give you insights into the access point distribution by protocol (802.11 ac/n/abg), wireless airtime efficiency by 
      protocol, and granular performance metrics.
      ● With Cisco In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU), network downtime during a software update or upgrade is a thing of the past. ISSU is a complete image upgrade and update while the network is still running. The software image—or patch—is pushed onto the wireless controller while traffic forwarding continuesuninterrupted. All access point and client sessions are retained during the upgrade process. With just a click, your network automatically upgrades to the newest software.

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